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Custom Build Homes

What is a Custom Build Home?

Custom build homes are a new form of buying a house that enables you to design and create your new home as part of a supported process. With Stellco Homes, a custom build home makes building your dream home quicker, easier and also reduces the risk for you.

Custom build homes are a popular choice for people who want to be more involved in the design and construction of their home rather than leaving everything in the hands of a big developer. A custom build home starts with you working with one of our experienced builders to create your own personalised floor plan. Together, you will choose the finishes, fixtures and fittings that will make your new home unique.

A home designed and created specifically for you which allows you to enhance many aspects of your life - from family interaction and community engagement to your finances and environmental ambitions.

It allows you to create a home that meets the needs of the whole family at a fixed price and timescale and removes all the hard work and frustration leaving you to enjoy the experience.

  • We will guide you through a step-by-step process, working with experts to design the dream house you wish to live in while the day-by-day managing of the project is handled by our experts saving you time and stress.
  • You will be consulted throughout the project and regularly updated as to the progress of the build through your very own ‘My Stellco Home’ online portal and in-person viewings.
  • Custom build with us is an exciting process and we aim to make it as stress free and memorable for you as possible. Your online portal will record photo updates of the build and explanations of what work is going on. The portal is a great place to find inspiration for your designs and keep in contact with us.