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How do I keep track of my Stellco Home build?

From the initial consultation to the design of your home right through to the build and moving in, we will guide you and keep you in touch and involved in the decisions and progress of the build. We will organise and arrange regular site progress visits enabling you to physically see your design take shape.

Our website is designed to inspire and show you the choices available to you, as well as providing you a personal log-in to your very own ‘My Stellco Home’ portal where you can access all the important documents associated with your home design and finishing choices you have made.

On your own portal we will also record, with photos, video clips and brief descriptions, the progress of your home build from the initial foundations to when you move in. This allows you to monitor progress, proudly show your family and friends your new Stellco home, as well as keeping a record of your journey in building your own home and for you to thoroughly enjoy and share the whole experience.