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Our Expertise

Our Mission

We are committed to seeking out and acquiring smaller sites in desirable locations.

By doing so we make it easier, quicker, and less risky for you to design and custom build your own home. Our aim is to take the problems associated with the building process off your hands, and to ensure that the whole experience of working with us is as enjoyable for you as possible.

We aim to give you the opportunity to experience the real joy of building your own inspirational home. By doing so, we help to enable you to live your chosen lifestyle in a unique custom built Stellco home. A home that has been designed with your own personal needs in mind, helping you to fulfil your hopes and aspirations.

We build environmentally friendly and unique homes for you to be proud of, on time and on budget, and to your very own specification.

Join us in our mission by registering your interest in building your perfect Stellco custom build home.