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Finding Inspiration


The modern-day British kitchen is by far the busiest and most regularly used room in the home and will most likely, additionally, incorporate a dining area, sitting area and breakfast area creating an inclusive open plan space.

With so many functions performed in it every day, proper planning and great design is essential. Think about how you and your family will use the space and give yourself enough time to make the right decisions. You want it to look beautiful, but also work beautifully, to complement your way of living.

Let’s start with a very simple decision, the look. Are you interested in having traditional, contemporary on an eclectic mix of the two? This could be influenced by your own personal taste or by the character of the property that you are planning for. 

What is a traditional kitchen design?

Traditional kitchens are all about the small details and individual character. This focus on character means using more natural materials like wood, often painted with muted colours to appear aged and welcoming and broadly speaking characterised by shaker style doors and frames and can incorporate, decorative detailing, open shelving, feature units, structural features, stone worktops or high ceilings or cottages. In summary – they are warm, homely and inviting. 

Contemporary style kitchens

Contemporary style kitchens or cabinetry refers to a modern aesthetic that is achieved through the use of manmade materials and efficient minimalist designs. Living spaces designed in contemporary styles will incorporate stainless steel, laminates, glass, concrete, chrome and lacquered surfaces. Colouring will be bold and stark. They are broadly characterised by, simple clean lines, slab/plain fronted doors, minimal look, contrasting units, industrial materials, low maintenance, handle-less and low or high ceilings. In summary – they are functional clean and simple with the interest or drama created by complementary or contrasting colours and materials.

Eclectic style kitchens

Some will find the contemporary look to harsh and clinical on one hand with traditional styles being too fussy or busy. 

So, why not combine the best of both to create something unique to suit your taste - by selecting what seems best from various styles and elements and from various sources and create an Eclectic Style of your own. 

This style of kitchen consists of a collective mix of both traditional and contemporary styles and are characterised by, classic styling with a modern twist, simple shaker and slab doors, handle-less or with handles, low or high ceilings - perfect for open plan living spaces. 

Making the difficult choices!

Decide on the doors - Nothing defines a kitchen more than the doors. 

Let’s talk storage - Not just what you need now, but also in the future with everything stored in its place. 

Work out your worktops - Choosing a worktop is an important part of the design process and can change the whole look and feel of your kitchen.

Mixing it up - By contrasting textures, colours and materials, you can create a kitchen with a character all of its own. Today you can practically choose any door and any colour to make your kitchen special and unique. 

Flooring Up - Kitchen flooring is a big influencing factor in determining how your colour scheme will appear. Wooden floors add warmth to the room, which is ideal for those who prefer either traditional or natural designs. Meanwhile, both gloss and matt tiles are more modern and will help to give the room a contemporary finish. The Kitchen floor like worktops can change the look and feel of your whole kitchen. How and who will use the room also has a big influence in the type of flooring selected. 

More than just appliances - Do you want just the essentials or are you going to push the boat out! Built in coffee machine, hot or iced water on tap for your favourite drink, and all the modern technology and sophistication available?  

Designed for your favourite time - cooking! Knowing how the flow of how you use the kitchen and what you use it for, accessing your kitchen essentials, ingredients and appliances etc., will make all the difference to enjoying the time you spend in your favourite room - if the design works and flows efficiently for you and everything is at hand!  

Where the heart is – family living in open plan ensures the whole family are enjoying and living together and not missing out! Cooking, enjoying your favourite meal, watching TV, entertaining friends or just drinking coffee – do it together - where everyone can join in! Challenge the design and achieve the full potential at the heart of your home.  

Aim for the WOW!

We have selected a few top kitchen furniture collections and appliance brands who offer a wide selection of quality products to inspire and help you picture your perfect kitchen. With so much choice of brands and huge number of product ranges to choose from, we hope our selective list of different tastes and designs and budgets will be sufficient to create your inspiration for us to design, install and deliver your vision to your requirements.

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