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Custom Build Homes

Why build a Stellco Custom Build Home?

With Stellco Homes, a custom build home makes building your dream home quicker, easier and also reduces the risk for you.

Providing greater access to plots

If you have already looked into self-building your new home, you will have noticed that finding an individual plot can be very difficult, especially in the more desirable areas. This is where Stellco Homes can provide you with your very own plot in the best location for your dream home that would otherwise be out of reach for the buyer.

Future proof your home

You have the option to choose the best quality materials that stand the test of time and save you money in the long run. We also build our houses to higher regulations than the standard mass-built homes, which means ours are much more eco-friendly and reduces your annual energy costs as well as requiring less maintenance and are also more sustainable.

To make it a stress-free process

Building your dream home should be an enjoyable experience which is why custom build is a great alternative to self-build. We have over 20 years of experience in building homes which means we have the expertise to make sure everything runs smoothly while still giving you control over the design.

Reduces risk

A Custom Build Home is built to an agreed timescale and budget. The design is in your control with an experienced developer to guide you, which reduces the risk of costly mistakes. You are supported by professionals while also being allowed to have the overall decision on the design of the house.

Design a house based around you and your family’s needs

Everyone's lifestyle is different and having a home that compliments your own can improve your quality of life by making space for things that are important to you such as entertaining spaces or a work from home office.

Child friendly areas

For those with a growing family, you can design safe child friendly spaces with storage solutions that adapt as they grow. Whether you prefer open plan or defined play areas, the choice is yours to create children’s playrooms, unique bedrooms and safe outdoor spaces for their exercise and play.

Freedom in Retirement

Create a more sustainable and comfortable home for your later years whilst retaining the independence of living in your own home. Your new custom build home can include interior fittings that enhance the lives of those with accessibility needs; such as lower surfaces, easy use bathrooms, and ground floor living. Or it can offer an excellent alternative to expensive retirement homes. Downsizing into an energy efficient custom build home can release cash for enjoying life in later years and helps to reduce running costs.

Flexible Living Spaces

You choose the size and orientation of your living spaces in your new home. You can have an open plan layout or defined rooms for spaces for exercising, working and even home-schooling.

Multi-generational living

Many of our customisable home designs have independent living spaces as an optional layout choice catering for elderly relatives or adult children living comfortably together.


The majority of our housing options only have stamp duty payable on the cost of the plot making a significant saving on your total purchase price.