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Land Acquisition

Option Agreements

An option agreement is a way for landowners to achieve the increase in land values that is enabled through development without risking the substantial cost of obtaining planning permission.

Up-front costs and complex planning policies can add a large barrier for many landowners seeking to develop their land. Our expert knowledge and experience can remove risk for landowners, while allowing them to remain in control over the development scheme.

We use our expertise, resources, and contacts to bring land through the process of appraisals, third party consultancy, and planning permission. This is all carried out at zero cost to the landowner. If planning permission is achieved within the specified time, the land will be bought from the landowner at the pre-agreed price.

If the option period expires before a certain point in the planning process, the option expires, and the landowner is not charged for any of the planning costs incurred.

Free land appraisals for option agreements:

We will conduct a full, no-obligation land appraisal to outline the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the site’s development potential. This report will outline what potential the site has, and therefore its potential gross development values for all scenarios. This appraisal document, and the landowners’ preference for the type of development, will dictate the price that can be pre-agreed in an option contract.


If you have suitable development land, please contact us to arrange your free appraisal and to discuss how working with Stellco Homes is the right choice.

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