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Land Acquisition

Custom and Self-build housing

Many people dream of one-day building their own ‘grand design’, and as of 2016, government policy is finally in place to make this dream a reality for anyone wishing to pursue it. For landowners, this should be seen as an excellent opportunity to unlock the value in their land while enabling those interested in a custom and self-build project.

Why custom and self-build housing?

The UK is far behind our European counterparts in adopting custom and self-build as a means of providing much-needed new homes. For many years the large national housebuilders have been relied upon to create our housing, but often these speculative developments don’t entirely fulfil the needs of aspirational, design-conscious home-owners that are to be found at all levels of the market.

Through better design, procurement, and the use of off-site manufacturing, self-building is now more accessible than ever. The quality of self-builds visually, materially, and in terms of energy performance can go far beyond what is feasible with traditional developments. The only current limiting factor is the availability of sites – and a speculative land purchase is a risky strategy for individual self-builders. That’s where we come in! We are committed to seeking out and acquiring smaller sites in desirable locations. By doing so we make it easier, quicker and less risky for self-builders to design and build their own home. 

The quality of self-builds go far beyond what is feasible with traditional developments.


Stellco Homes is working with landowners and councils to make more self-build plots available. This is usually achieved through a mutually beneficial Land Promotion Agreement. Stellco Homes will take on all costs and risk of promoting suitable land, building the required infrastructure, and marketing the individual plots for sale at market value, to individual self-builders, for a fixed pre-agreed percentage of the sale value.

Why now?

Recent national government policy changes have introduced a requirement for local councils to make available enough serviced custom and self-build plots to meet the current demand. District councils keep a register of those wishing to self-build, which is a material consideration when deciding planning applications particularly where the LPA have not permissioned sufficient plots. Suitable potential sites will need to be brought forward alongside the already allocated local development sites if councils are to meet their obligations.

If you believe that you have a site suitable for development, please contact us for a free appraisal and to hear more about how we can work with you.

We maximise the development land value by finding the most appropriate solutions.