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Land Acquisition

Land Promotion Agreements

Land Promotion Agreements offer the landowner and land promoter a mutually beneficial contract which aligns the interests of both parties - achieving the highest possible sales value on the open market.

A Promotion Agreement is often used when there is medium or long-term planning potential for the land. The Promoter (usually a developer like Stellco Homes) will agree to promote the land at its own cost and apply for planning permission. Once planning permission has been obtained, the property is marketed and sold on the open market.

We will pay for all the costs of the planning permission and recover the cost from the sale proceeds and retain our pre-agreed percentage of the sale.

There is no outlay or risk to the landowner, so if planning permission is not achieved, we will not recover our costs!


Our land Promotion Agreements offer owners a low-risk opportunity to proceed through the planning system, while you keep ownership and remain in control. Contact Stellco Homes to discuss our services and to find out how we can help you realise the value of your land.

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We focus on selling or buying your land for the maximum value at no financial risk or cost to you.