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Our Expertise

Our purpose, vision, and values

Helping you to custom build your own dream home and lifestyle.

Our Purpose

We believe that a home is not just a place...

It's more of a feeling of happiness and security for you and your family.

We help people build their unique dream Stellco home, designed for their specific lifestyle and needs. Creating homes which will strengthen communities and improve people's lives.

Our Vision

We aim to...

Provide custom and self build home plots to people who share our vision of designing and experiencing the joy of building superb custom and self-build homes and become the region’s market leader and most trusted profitable brand in our market place.

Our Values

We work differently...

We think creatively and value great design which is unique and personal to our customers lifestyle, taste and needs in order to fulfil their aspirations for a dream home. We aspire to excellence through a detailed approach in delivering what we promised.

We work with respect...

We work with integrity and honesty with all our stakeholders and respect for people and places where we build our homes. We act sustainably and responsibly to our communities and the environment to preserve our children’s heritage.

We work with passion...

We are passionate about what we do and build quality homes that are unique and beautiful to our customers and inject a sense of wow into their lives. We are agile and responsive throughout their build journey to ensure they have a stress free and enjoyable experience of a Stellco custom built forever home.

We work together...

We are collaborative and flexible and focus on teamwork and building partnerships to help us grow and build a better life for everyone involved. We value our employees and all the people that work with us and put their life, health and safety first.